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Spike - William the Bloody

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Givin it all up for Buffy...for the world. From los_angelus [Nov. 8th, 2009|03:43 pm]
Spike - William the Bloody
[Current Mood |calmcalm]
[Current Music |"Buchstabe" Rammstein]

Bloody rush that was. pain seared through me, sliced through every nerve ending, and yet, holdin' Buffy's hand one final time and knowin' that I was takin' care of all of the elder beasts that are supposedly the real vampires, gotta say, didn't feel soddin' any of it.

Sure, could feel the skin slicin' away in white hot increments from my skin. Could bloody well feel the very bones surroundin' my organs meltin' so hot that they liquified and by proxy, obviously could feel the organs that vampires still use, that keep me alive, burstin' in my chest...could feel all of it and it hurt, bloody hurt like you wouldn't believe, but I had made piece with the idea that this sack of hammers conclusion was a possibility goin' into this big fight.

Had come to terms with all of my past transgressions long ago. Unlike Angel...the thought made me upset because he had kissed Buffy before all of this started...unlike Captain Forehead, my past sins didn't thrash me and make me have to bloody count sheep at night. I was evil and I did what it was in my nature to do when I was evil. I killed people. I killed people to survive. Never after the big man in the cave had forced my soul back in had I felt the need to atone for my past...except for what I had done to Buffy and with things right with her as I was deep fried destroyin' the hellmouth...this was my ultimate atonement for my past sins and it felt right.

No torturin' myself, broodin' every night like a mamby-pamby dark haired vampire ponce from Ireland...I just went out in a blaze of glory to help save the world and to help keep Buffy safe. It was right. Bloody simple. It was right. Had done everything in this world both as an evil vampire and as a champion and let's face it, not disillusioned here that what I wanted most in this world for the rest of my existence...Buffy...had no delusions of bloody grandeur about there bein' white picket fences and barbecues in our future.

I had done it all and was ready to leave for the right reasons.

And...I had done it. Flesh was liquiefied, fangs were molted...hair had melted away and that was the big finale for Spike.

William the bloody was complete.

Except, there was no soddin' brochure tellin' me that by wearin' that amulet, that I would still be cognizant of bloody everything. Sure, my body is gone and everything is confined...but it's not just the soul here. I am completely aware of everything goin' on. I can smell remains, though I don't seem to have a physical nose and now, it's bloody well got me thinkin' Toasted as if lava had covered me and here I am thinkin'.

I'll make no bones about it and I've said this to others before. I was never what one would consider to be a giant in the thinkin' department. I just went where the blood was and was in for the fight. But, when you don't have a body and you bloody well feel like you are confined in the world's smallest elevator, smellin' charred purebred vampire remains, feelin' hot rock underneath of you, but in a way that is muted by something that used to be cold and is now warm...you think a lot.

And...have had some time to realize what's happened. Not sure how much time has passed down here, obviously in the hellmouth, or what's left of it, sun beamin' in in a not fatal way since I have no body and am enclosed in the AMULET, but time had bloody well definitely passed.

Not right. That what this is. Not soddin' right. Did everything for all of the right reasons and here I am all trapped and worst of all, no way in hell that anyone is goin' to find me...lest it be the wrong somebody and since I have no body, there is...wait...it's happenin' right now!

Thought that I heard dirt shiftin' only a minute ago. Now, can bloody well feel a warm hand holdin' me...holdin' the amulet.


I repeated the scream, changin' the adjective used to describe this unknown person, but again, the person kept walkin' and eventually, I could clearly hear a car bein' started.

Bloody great. Toasted and trapped in the amulet, now I'm probably in some ponce's Volvo on my way to a shelf with other interestin' trinkets.

Screamed again, but if they could hear me, they were ignorin' me. Didn't make sense that I could hear them...though this wanker wasn't sayin' anything and unless I was mistaken...wasn't even breathin'...yet he or she as it were couldn't hear me.

Bloody wished that I had form...not afraid of much...not afraid of anything, but not bein' able to defend myself from whoever this was or even catch their interest with my screams is frustratin'.

For seemingly hours, these thoughts ravaged my thoughts. Wondered who this silent breather was and was thinkin' vampire, which made no sense because couldn't very well be a vampire pickin' me up because could have sworn that I could feel the sun on the amulet at the time I became a passenger.

Wondered what else this could be. Wondered who would be explorin' the hellmouth if it wasn't bloody Giles or Buffy or somthing. Nice thought, that...that it could very well be Buffy holdin' me right now...holdin' me again...except no way in hell that Buffy wouldn't have spoken by now. Buffy would never stay quiet for that...



Suddenly, in reverse, everything...mostly soddin' pain came flushin' back, ferociously, things moldin' back together, my hair, clearly present on my clearly present head...skin, firmly attached and bloody sore...bones...bones inside hands that are now visible and swingin' me around...

Swingin' me around so that I'm face to face with a giant, hair-gel usin' sod.


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The Gem of Amarra and a bird named Harmony. From harshlivinginsd [Oct. 29th, 2007|01:36 pm]
Spike - William the Bloody
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |"Getting Away with Murder" Papa Roach]

All started with Drusilla's shunning of me back in Brazil. The Chaos bloody demon aside, it was sodding hurtful, so I came back to Sunnydale for some reason. I sought to seek something and it all became crystal clear when I arrived. Angel was back and all soul happy again and I thought that I could get vengeance on him; was his fault that I had to make that bleeding pact with Buffy in the first place...so he deserved to get leprocy through a spell or something of that ilk.

Then I saw the witch and heard her talking about doing some kind of love spell or as it turned out, anti-love spell. Changed my plan. Wanted to get Drusilla back without a spell and after the fight with Buffy and Angel against Lenny and the other ponces, realized that I just needed to be how I used to be and that I would get Drusilla back.

Second visit to Sunnydale had been enlightening and didn't witness another bout of serious kickings-of-my-ass.

Drusilla, still, didn't take me back and once more, didn't have the guts to stake me or chop my head off and after weeks of whining like an Angel wannabe, I realized that I had been all wrong-headed about everything. Redoubled the bloody efforts and came upon a legend that I had heard of but had forgotten over the years.

Yeah, the Gem of Amarra, rendering the vampire unkillable, was in Sunnydale of all places. A third trip to Sunnydale was destined to be in the plans and once I got my hand of the rock of Amarra, there would be no more kickings-of-my-ass. There would only be me with the slayer's blood in my mouth and then I would use her lifeless bones to smash Angel to bits. Would probably then feed him towhatever demon of the day is hanging around the sodding hellmouth. Didn't know what I would yet do with that wanker, all that I knew was that it would be a bottle of liquor and a cigarette...that it would be the balls.

Made my way to Sunnydale with an expert of the Gem of Amarra, a vampire named Brian. Knew that he wanted to wear it on his ring finger or neck, but he just wanted to be an allegiance to the wearer of the Gem and believe me, Brian was no match for me. If he tried anything after helping me find it, I would kill him deader then a sodding pile of dust could be.

He spent the night looking for it, knowing that judging by the map and the legend key, that we were close. He was working on the exact location under one of Sunnydale's highways and I needed to get the requisite bloody equipment for digging and tunneling.

Along the way to the hardware store, stopped off at Willy's keeping a low profile to the slayer because I didn't sodding want her to know that I was here yet. Warned Willy that if he told her that I was here in Sunnydale again...that I would feed him to the bloody dogs and by dogs, I meant every vampire that I could find with a hungry set of teeth. He believed me, gave me a pint of blood, which wasn't human and was a little too cold, followed by a shot of Jack.

That was when my eyes fell upon a blonde beauty who couldn't take her eyes off of me. I mean I knew that I needed to get tools for digging and tunneling, but I had another tool that could be used for the same thing and this blonde was perfect. I hadn't had a woman in weeks again and since she was a vampire, I didn't even have to worry about cleanup.

Uncertain, certainly far less confident then me, she made her way over to me. I could tell that she hadn't been a vampire very long, but none of that sodding mattered. The girl had a body built for sin and I had every bloody intention of letting her explore her inner demon on this night.

"Sit down, love. I won't bite until much later."

I smiled at her come-hitheringly and she leaned over to show me some very ebticing cleavage. My erection was already explosive.

This night was going to be full of digging and tunneling of all sorts.

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Bloody cleanin' up this town. From world_onfire [Oct. 23rd, 2007|10:18 pm]
Spike - William the Bloody
[Current Mood |determined]

Potential slayers bloody dying left and right to me is nearly as sodding bad as Buffy dying. Since I came back from the caves, I fought first for Buffy not to know that I had my soul...well that was bloody second to me having to deal with some demons...so to speak.

Then, had to work to let Buffy know that the night in her bathroom...that I never would have hurt her, but would I have? It wasn't because I wanted to hurt her, but simply because I wanted her...needed her, needed to feel her against me as much as I need blood to survive.

The killings of my past weren't done out of hate and bloody thusly, I felt worse about hurting Buffy...who is the strongest and most bloody compassionate person that I've ever seen. Never thought that somebody could turn me around, but she did, even before I got my soul back while the sodding chip, which was just recently removed, was still in my head.

Then, the buggerin first had control of me and I was ready for Buffy to keep me from hurtin;' somebody else, but again, she showed her heart and belief in me and didn't kill me in that basement...in that basement when I was so pathetic and wretched once more.

For all of these girls...these innocent girls to be snuffed out before they could blossom, was not only sodding wrong to me, but every little bit of torutre that they endured was like A chunk of Buffy's flesh being ripped off. Sodding eyeless ponces and the uber-vamp were doing this and while the uber vamp seems to be stronger then Buffy and likely me, doesn't mean that I'm not up for a good spot of torture with him. Knew that I could find a weakness if it came to that...just wanted to know where it was or anything else that had harmed all of those girls.

Amanda, only one of two that we knew were remaining...only knew because Giles' bloody pipeline got destroyed in a ball of spectacular flame and flash, had run away. Who could blame her? All of us had failed at stopping these attacks, though in no small measure, it was my fault. Anya and little Andrew were definitely dead because Buffy had been out trying to save me from myself.

Xander and I, not really my choice for a partner, took one side of the town, him carrying all of the weapons, me aching to sink my knuckles into some skulls, while Giles, Red and Buffy took the other side of town. Kennedy, the other of the new recruits went with them, though she didnt' seem right to me. Maybe, like Xander, she didn't seem right to me because she didn't trust me and again, couldn't wager out a way to blame them because I had earned the right to be dust by now.

Monkey bo...Xander didn't seem to want to be with me, but I was here to protect him. If he had to be out, then he was going out safely. Just pray that whatever is pushing my buttons doesn't decide to do it again. Heard screaming before Xander did and found my pact to keep Xander safe as well as Amanda and Buffy and all of the girls was put into question, as I left him behind, ready to pummel.

Saw Amanda trying to defend herself like a slayer, only one problem; she didn't have the strength that Buffy or Faith did and if this kept up, she never would. Fatal blow seemed to be comin down on her as one of the eyeless wonders held her, and I was determined to prevent that.

Hand came down, in it, sharp knife, slicing through the air...slicing towards flesh that to me represented part of Buffy...in the hands of something that was the sodding equivalent to a deaf mute with rage.

Don't bloody think so.

The shank seemed close to landing and as I hit him from behind at full speed, couldn't be sure that I had saved her. In the meantime, I intended to make sure that this eyeless idiot couldn't stab another wonderful girl.

[Open for Xander, npc The Turrekan and eventually Drusilla]
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Forehead receiving his fluffy reward? From eerie_rebirth [Jun. 4th, 2007|09:51 pm]
Spike - William the Bloody
[Current Mood |indescribable]

The fight was bloody everything that Angel had billed it to be and more so. Percy and Charlie boy had entered the fight already bloody wounded, yet they somehow bleeding managed to not end up pushing up the daisies.

Couldn't say the same about Illyria. Would have thought for sure that the little shiva would have had the stones to make it through, but there were so many...there were just so bloody many of them.

And there were so many of us. Thought that it would just be myself, Captain astronaut, Big blue, Charlie boy and Percy, but as it turned out, cardboard Finn brought his wife and team with him to help us fight and Giles grew a pair and decided to not only send his entire squad of slayers as it turned out, but also came to fight himself.

Bugger Willow dying. Xander and Giles...I even feel a little sack of hammers or maybe just plain crappy about them dying and I can see it in Buffy's eyes, those amazing eyes, those eyes that I have missed and dreamed about, that though the niblet made it through, that she would never be the same, not without her friends.

All of the slayers, bloody bitch that cut off my hands, all rehabilitated included, were killed, from what I can see, with the exception of Buffy, the buxom bad slayer, little miss bossy Kennedy and two other bints that I am unfamiliar with.

Took a second to look around and the carnage was incredible. The rain was making blood look non-existent, but bloody well knew better then to think otherwise. Had my own blood on me as well as the blood from several demons. Angel's blood was splattered on me when we were fighting near each other and Illyria's fatal blow, her heading being chopped off, sent her blood all over me.

Everywhere, those who survived were gathering. Faith and the ponce that tried to kill me last year, now a shagging pair, were gathered next to a cute little blonde who reminded me of Buffy and some bloke who looked to be having trouble standing.

The punk of Angel's spunk was getting close to the niblet and something tells me that it will be too close for comfort for Buffy, though Dawn has grown even more since I last bloody saw her. He's got zero chance in any hell with her, though, especially now, while she along with Buffy hover over Willow and Xander's body, joined by Kennedy, who can't bare to look and is now going towards Percy and Charlie boy, who are just sitting there, on the wet ground, surrounded by dead demons, bleeding.

Then there's Angel, who for a moment, was looking around, staring at the cacophony of the people ogling us after they didn't help with the battle, and the pitter-patter of the lessening rain on the scene. One minute, it looks like he's thinking and the next, he suddenly just falls to the ground, just as Buffy's weeping eyes met his. Sure, she got up for him, but couldn't blame her. The red flash that went through his eyes was unmistakable, and it even managed to catch my little eye, though looking at Angel wasn't something that generally makes me jump for joy.

Still, the red flash wasn't a shock to me. Took my attention away from my dead ex-tumble, Harm, who did great harm to herself by deciding to help us fight with the demons. Buffy, however, might not have known the entire Shanshu score. She probably thought that her former love, bloody gag me, was losing his soul. The way that she rushed to him made me want to heave, when she didn't even acknowledge me after the fight, even though I had died for her, bloody given up what I was from her not so long ago.

Shoved the negative thoughts aside, when from the distance, running through the rain in not-so-flattering hospital garb, came, could it be?...Cordelia? Had to pull a double-take on that one, but as she drew closer, it was unmistakable, it was her.

And still, Angel convulsed, his eyes flashed one more time and then he lay still as both Buffy and Cordelia and even his little boy, Percy and Gunn, looked on to see what was going on.

"Bu...Buffy, love, it's not what you think. A prophecy has been fulfilled here. The big evil, or another one, bloody anyway, has been averted and because of it, it appears that Angel is now a real boy again..."

She looked at me, stunned and I immediately felt bad for her that I was sodding jealous that she gave Angel more time of day then she had to me, especially considering that someone who was like her father and her two best friends had just kicked it in a heroic way.

Cordelia, though, was closer to Angel, who looked at her and away from Buffy, and she seemed to captivate Angel's attentions more then even Buffy did Again, not to be petty, but that is certainly something that you won't hear me belly-aching about.

[Cordelia, Angel and Buffy]
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Yeah...this is awkward. From thepowerplayers [Jan. 28th, 2007|02:54 am]
Spike - William the Bloody
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

Managed to get the better of the niblet after all.

Didn’t start of very promising for the big bad, and Dawn’s power, strategy and recovery were all off of the bloody charts. She was like a chip off of the old Summer’s slayer tradition block.

Of course, Buffy encouraged me to fight Dawn after Dawn had told us that she had her powers and then told me after I argued against hitting the niblet…that she would be mad at me if I lost to her as opposed to beating up on a girl who was like a little sister or a child to me…and who was also someone that Buffy loved like a daughter at times.

There was a reason for that and it was obvious. Buffy, still shocked at hearing that she wasn’t the only Summer’s slayer, knew that Dawn, feisty and rambunctious before receiving superpowers, would become an animal with the hunting and would want to patrol alone immediately. Buffy wanted to prove to her that she wasn’t ready and that’s where I came in. Simple enough, I wagered. This is Dawn, after all and though, technically, she might actually be stronger then me now, she certainly hasn’t dealt with punishment and didn’t know how to craft a fight the way that I do.


Tell that to my cracked ribs and even more swollen face. Faith and Angel had jumped me yesterday, all high and mighty about their relationship and about me prying into it and Faith decided to hit me even after I was unconscious. Dawn had a plan and executed it, much to my chagrin and bleeding discomfort. She went to my body when I attacked. Took me a while of pain and being humiliated by a girl who a couple of years ago, was afraid of her own shadow, before I managed to get the upper hand and when I wised up to her plan, goaded her and then seized the advantage, I found myself on top of her, ready to deliver the knock-out blow.

Buffy stopped me, thank God, because if she hadn’t, I would have guessed that she wanted me to knock her kid sister unconscious and I wasn’t comfortable with that. Sure, put her in her place…all well and good, but actually knocking her unconscious with fierce punches?

Yeah, when Buffy told Dawn that she was proud of how well she fought and gave her the speech about not sticking to one plan, which against me, was going to the body, she then dragged me upstairs as the two new slayer birds prepared to spar against each other where Dawn and I had just sparred.

“Glad you stopped me from knocking her out, love. As I was about to hit her, I was thinking, am I really about to do this?”

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Soldierboy and the big bad useless at helping Buffy. From huntedmerciless [Jan. 21st, 2007|01:42 pm]
Spike - William the Bloody
[Current Mood |stressedstressed]

Soldierboy and I had come to an understanding of bloody sorts. We had come to the understanding that bygones were bygones. He had his wife, who died and now, he seemed to somehow have two slayers that are attracted to him, and me...well, I have Buffy now, except that I don't.

Truth is, that the big bad and soldierboy, both lovers of the most amazing woman in the world at one point or currently, are bloody useless in helping to save her from sodding Xavier, distance and sunlight wreaking havoc on those plans.

We sat on the couch and watched as one of the new slayers...seemingly shagging soldierboy, walke by us and seconds later, walked by us again with twine and a knife to obviously tie up the punk of Angel's spunk, who is out of control downstairs and who Angel and vision girl went away to help...not helping Buffy in any measure.

Finn had given me the bleeding lowdown there. Faith and some vamp with a soul...somehow, named Justin, had gone to Paris to try to find Buffy, at Xavier's mercy, which wasn't a safe place for her to be with his power and then his ability like Willow to use the hocus-pocus.

Struck me that Xavier could be in Paris but that he could also be in Belgium and if Faith and Justin, who were going to Paris, didn't know where to look in Paris, or if Xavier is in Belgium, then Buffy's chances decrease in surviving, even though she is the toughest being that I have ever seen and if anyone can get out of it then it is her.

Minutes later, both birds, undeniably sexy, especially right now as they walked arm and arm up to a room upstairs, told us that Connor is subdued and is past the point of help. They said that they are going to bed. They didn't say sleep and I could tell soldierboy wanted to go, but like me, he is too stressed about Buffy to do anything. Once more, bloody felt the need to mention us doing our own work.

"Look, Finn, as much as I want to go save Buffy, the sun won't allow that. Drives me bloody up the wall, but maybe you should convince your girls and you to go ahead and get a flight to Paris. I can tell you exactly where the wanking Xavier lives. This Justin and Faith might be on a wild bloody goose chase if they don't know where to go and Buffy might not have time for all of that. I'll watch the boy..."

He seemed to be shaking his head.

"Why are you shaking your head, Finn? You may have two bisexual lovers now, but I know that you still bloody care for Buffy..."

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Doing what bloody needs to be done. From huntedmerciless [Jan. 6th, 2007|11:25 pm]
Spike - William the Bloody
[Current Mood |stressedstressed]

Couldn't bloody stand waiting in here this entire sodding time. Cop or two came in and the fact that I had a stolen car made me bloody wary about being here right now.

Couldn't stop thinking about Buffy. Couldn't help her here and couldn't be sure, but if Xavier used the mojo on her, then they were probably in Paris, or Brussels, sodding halway around the world from me...and here I was...here I was sodding trapped, in a dank, stinky, dilapidated bloody parking garage in Albuequerque, escaping the sun and not at all helping my lover.

Got out of the Corvette. It was a sweet ride, but it was hotter then a virgin's honeypot and I couldn't stay near it anymore and besides, there were better things for me to look for. This, I had learned, was the parking garage for some insurance firm, and there had to be a big-wig that bloody liked to ride in style. Bloody had to be, but after a half an hour of more stressing about Buffy and smoking the last of my Marlboro's, I was no closer to at least getting to bloody Seaside where the others could help me get to Buffy.

Luckily, a Limo pulled up and a driver let some old, gray man out of the car. He started to pull away, but I stepped in his way, in the guise of asking for a smoke. Amazingly, the ponce stopped, though either bloody way, I was going to stop him, I just prayed that I didn't have to break the window of the limo, which would allow the sun in.

Asked the moron for a light and when he went for one, he got a face full of my fist and while he was now unconscious, I pulled him out of the car and tossed him to the ground, before getting in and slowly driving away to avoid suspicion.

Once back on the open road again, I looked down at the gas gauge and prayed that I could make it to sodding California before I ran out. These types of limousines had two gas tanks and both appeared to be full. That was a sodding break in a chain of events that otherwise swung from a tree.

I sped away at lightning speeds, regretting that this machine didn't ride as quickly as the corvette. This cumbersome boat was going to burn gas and drive like a tank. Still, I didn't slow my speeds, and increased them, seeing only Buffy in my brain as I drove west in the heat of the day, protected, yet burning up both physically and mentally.
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Preventing Buffy from hurting Xander more. From thepowerplayers [Jan. 1st, 2007|02:18 pm]
Spike - William the Bloody
[Current Mood |mellowmellow]

Had my little discussion with Dawn about sleeping with Xander and how Buffy was always going to look at her like she was too young for sex, even ten years from now. Told Dawn, that I personally had no issues with it. Sex was necessary and I knew that she was going to have it, although I did question her choice in partners because Monkey boy is such a sod, but she smacked me on the arm and gave me the whole Xander is equipped mumbo-jumbo that Anya used to say and that I didn't want to hear.

Took Dawn back down the hall, where Buffy and Xander were, and it was obvious that Buffy ha dhit Xander and was still ready to damage to me. Part of me wanted to see it because of the way that Xander had treated me back in Sunnydale way before I had my soul, but I knew that it wasn't what Buffy really wanted to do and knew that the niblet wouldn't be happy with Buffy if she ended up pounding on Monkey boy the way that Faith had earlier.

Dawn was first to step in between Buffy and Xander and Dawn was quick to tell Buffy that she was an adult now and that she would do what she wanted to. When she smacked Buffy for hitting Xander, which Dawn and I both found out had happened, I knew that Buffy was about to blow her top and having seen enough of this already and even more of it when you brought Faith and Angel into the picture, I decided that it was time to break this up before it turned into a real bad situation.

Grabbed Buffy and took her out of the room and down the hall to the room that we had been using as our own room, putting her down once inside, knowing that now, I was about to get an earful, but feeling that it was better then Buffy exploding on Dawn for smacking her, thus putting Xander in even more trouble with her and making it so Buffy would never, ever drop the Xander having sex with Dawn thing, and I knew that it was nature and was bound to happen more, which I now had to convince Buffy of, which, yeah, God help me there.

"Buffy, you have every bloody right to be appalled by the two of them...the two of them doing what they did and to be upset by Dawn smacking you, but you have to remember that it's her life, love, and the more you object, the more that she's going to defy you. This was bound to happen eventually and you can't drive yourself sack of hammers worrying about her from doing something that comes natural to all adults..."

She was likely going to hit me now. I studied her, not taking my eyes away from hers.

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What I want forever. From thepowerplayers [Dec. 15th, 2006|07:21 pm]
Spike - William the Bloody
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

The caresses turned to something more then just need. Some time after we had talked about Faith’s sudden need to pummel the good guys like yours truly and Xander, and some time after she had massaged the knee that Faith had damaged in a cheap shot from behind and after I had put a gigantic bloody icepack against my face, declarations were made and they were the sodding things that I had always wanted to say to Buffy and more importantly, hear from her.

No longer was there the doubt in my mind that had bloody well encompassed me after since I became something other then a spook haunting Angel and that had prevented me from going straight to her in London, then in Rome, even when I had been in Rome. Couldn’t lie to her anymore or hide my feelings. A lot of slayers had lost their lives tonight fighting all of the demons and worse, her best friend in Willow had passed, but now, more then ever, if she wanted me, then it was the time to let her know the nuts and bolts of me and her from my perspective.

Busted up and battered, I let her know that I had always loved her, and especially since I had gotten my soul. These were things that were not foreign to her beautiful ears, but it bared repeating at a point when I wasn’t about to burst into a crispy ash, my eyeballs popping out of their sockets, muscles being stripped away from the bone. Wasn’t going anywhere now, and neither was she and even if she did, I would follow if she would allow me to.

Told her that I would never love anyone else. Wished that I didn’t look battered because of Faith’s fists when I was doing so, but it was what it was and I did it, and received caring looks from her. Waited for her to talk about her feelings, the blood in my body warmer than its normal room temperature. She brought up the poncy Immortal and how she had been with him and I knew how that bloody son of a bitch operated. He had made love to my love so many times and she certainly bloody well enjoyed it and this was not that long ago.

Threatened to give me pause with her, thinking about him being inside of her. Okay, no it bloody well didn’t. I would just outdo the Immortal and knew that I didn’t even have to when she told me that when she found out that I was alive, the Immortal was quickly out of the picture.

Wanted to ask her about Angel, and if he played a part in her leaving the Immortal, even with Faith shagging him now. Wanted to ask her about the Immortal and how she had felt for him because it was Buffy, and I couldn’t see her with that pretty boy, but I didn’t ask either thing, because when our lips met, all of the pain from faith hitting me went away. Now, it was just me and her. This is what I wanted for the rest of my life.

Let her undress me. There was no rush. The sun was about to come up and I was in no rush.

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A reverse no racially diverse club. From huntedmerciless [Dec. 13th, 2006|07:39 pm]
Spike - William the Bloody
Fresh off of a pair of killings involving Buffy, Jada and myself and nine vampires, even Buffy suggested that it was time for us to drink a little, or even a lot, judging by the tenor of her voice when she suggested it. Couldn’t be happier with that notion. We had bloody well earned and it Lord knows that especially the two ladies needed to be buzzing a little…or a lot.

We had bloody well earned it because killing a gangbanging vamp crew with guns wasn’t easy, and I had taken a bullet for that trouble and Buffy and Jada had experienced losses that were unfathomable. Buffy had lost all of those slayers, but most importantly, her kid sis, her watcher and her two best friends, only mere days ago. Jada’s family had been killed last night, and though it was bloody well clear that she could handle herself when it came to the demon fighting, she had to be suffering too.

What worried me most was Buffy, though. Loved her, and we had expressed a similar feeling towards each other, but I knew it would take her a while to get what she, Faith and I had done, out of her system and for her to up and announce to the group that some drinking was in order, wasn’t like her. Knew that she would now be drinking and Jada certainly needed it, so I relegated myself as the designated one without the alcohol buzz for this little venture.

The bar was named Squeegles. Didn’t get the name, and nor did I care, but I quickly realized that in Atlanta, the bars were very mixed and this one was predominantly black. Had no problem with that, of course, except that we had just faced a bunch of vamp gangbangers and it was fresh in the tomato, and I found myself looking around. Had superpowers here, so wasn’t ever one to fret. Nothing in this world that I feared, really, that wasn’t bloody related to somehow losing Buffy, but in this bloody scenario, the brothas, as they are sometimes known, would be singling the big bad out as the bag guy here. White girl, Buffy, they wouldn’t mind being here, especially since she was gorgeous and all of these brothas would want a piece of her, and then there was Jada, and I already could read these fellas as we walked towards the bar, they were eyeing her as one of their own, and one of the hotter of their own too, and I could feel the heat in the blood when they looked at Buffy.

Step on up, I thought, as I bumped a big guy, accidentally, mind you, but he was the one to get moved. Any of these fools wanted to lay a finger on Buffy, then that finger would get broken.

We made it to the bar without incident, but I was ready, anyway.

“Jada, not to make a racial fuss out of this particular situation, but this establishment doesn’t seem to like the white man…pire too much. Just wanted you to know that if anything happens, it won’t bloody well be me that starts it.”

[Buffy and Jada]
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