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Spike - William the Bloody
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A cocky and witty vamp from 19th century England, Spike got his former (pre-bloodsucker) name, William the Bloody, because of his bloody awful poetry. In 1880 the sensitive poet was sired by his Vampire lover Drusilla and dubbed Spike because of his penchant for torturing victims with railroad spikes. Spike has killed two Slayers: one lived during the Boxer Rebellion; the second was a punk rock kid in New York whose trench coat has become part of Spike's signature look.

As one of the most interesting members of Sunnydale's night stalkers, Spike had an off-and-on romance with Drusilla, who ended up leaving our favorite bad boy the first time for the Chaos Demon and the second time for the Fungus Demon. According to Dru, the Victorian poet-turned-psychotic Slayer killer simply wasn't evil enough for her.

The wandering Spike returned to Sunnydale in search of the Gem of Amarra, which would make him invincible. Eventually, Spike began dating Harmony, the former Sunnydale High snob-turned-fang-face. Not surprisingly, that didn't work out, and somewhere along the line, Spike developed an unhealthy interest in more than just Buffy's blood: he wanted her body.

When the Initiative implanted a chip in Spike's head to render him harmless to humans, Spike became more a fringe member of the Scooby Gang than a nemesis. His sharp tongue and seductive attitude were eventually irresistible to Buffy, and they began a torrid affair that was both literally and figuratively destructive. Their subsequent breakup destroyed Spike and drove him to attack Buffy, but she fought back and declared she could never love him.

Devastated, Spike took off for Africa in search of a powerful demon who could help him give the Slayer what's coming to her. Regardless of what he was expecting, Spike received something no one anticipated: the return of his soul.

As Buffy and the remaining gang fought the First Evil, Spike dealt with his own demons. The First Evil attacked Spike using a song to trigger the demon within him, but Spike prevailed. His love for Buffy deepened as they fought side-by-side. Spike took on the mantle of champion giving his life to save the world.

Lindsey, vowing revenge on Angel, brought Spike back in a fiendish plot that did not come to fruition. Unable to approach Buffy, Spike fought evil with Angel and the gang at Wolfram and Hart. Having had enough of Angel, Spike travels to England to once again reunite with Buffy.

Spurned romantically by Buffy, Spike sets off on his own. Eventually he meets up with Faith and they find solace in each other. Fiercely protective of each other, Spike encourages Faith to go back to England and the Council when the new slayers lose their powers.

Together Spike and Faith start out a passionate relationship neither admitting their true feelings for each other. As part of the new Scooby gang the fate of the world is once again on their shoulders.

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I do not represent the opinions of the actors, directors, writers or anyone else affiliated with Buffy or Angel.

I am merely a fan with time on my hands. The people I role play with love to write and express our love for the shows and Characters by playing this Role Play game**

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